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Bathroom furnishings and accessories

The bathroom plays an increasingly important role in defining the style of the home. Thanks to our designers, we provide support in choosing the most suitable solutions for different needs: from furniture to accessories, showers, enclosures, shower trays, and even bathtubs. Sculac offers constantly updated solutions to keep up with the latest trends in technology and design.

Floors and coverings

Sculac stands out for its specialization in the supply and installation of coverings and flooring. It offers a wide selection of materials including carpet, pre-finished and laminate wood, teak, linoleum, stone, cement, traditional ceramics, SPC, and LVT. Additionally, the company has acquired expertise in wallpaper application to enrich and decorate any environment.

Stairs and internal doors

Sculac specializes in the sale and installation of internal stairs, ranging from modern to rustic styles. Our products are suitable for both private residences and commercial uses, such as shops and venues. Additionally, we offer a wide range of internal doors, including those made of wood, laminate, and glass, ensuring a comprehensive service from consultation to delivery and installation. We are here to meet all your needs regarding internal stairs and doors.

Sculac | Floors and Bathroom Furnishings

Regardless of your preferences, whether it's a
modern bathroom with a shower or one with limited space, we are ready to design and create the perfect bathroom for you.

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