About Us

Our experience began in the maritime sector

Sculac is a young and dynamic company that, thanks to a solid family tradition, delivers excellent results in the field of upholstery, coverings, and high-quality flooring installation.

To meet an ever-increasing demand and the importance of acquired contracts, after 40 years of experience in the naval outfitting sector as a family-owned artisanal firm, Sculac Pavimenti Srl was born.

The generational transition has made us a company full of fresh initiatives and at the forefront of applied techniques, while firmly maintaining the tradition and deep expertise of the trade.

Company Philosophy

Quality of materials and adherence to deadlines

Quality of materials and respect for deadlines

Sculac is firmly committed to meeting challenges and completing projects within the established timelines, consistently maintaining the highest quality standards.

We pay particular attention to meticulous planning of activities: we believe that ensuring timely delivery to customers is as important as the quality of the work performed.

The Team

Craftsmen and designers at your service

Our company stands out for its careful planning and resource management. Through the use of multiple teams of workers, we are able to meet customer needs quickly and manage multiple construction sites simultaneously. This strategy makes Sculac a reliable and punctual partner, even in the most urgent situations.

Furthermore, rigorous supplier selection, the validity of the materials used, and highly skilled and qualified staff are fundamental elements that guarantee the quality and excellence of our products and services, without any compromise.

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